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Choosing a Contractor

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All contractors are not created equal and you will not get the same results/quality.   Like cars ….. “the cheapest one on the lot is not the best for all people”. 


When selecting a contractor for any size project to work on “your home”, you need to ensure all of the following:


Trust - do you connect and on a common level of understanding?  You will need to be for the length of the project to ensure you are both working from the same schedule and/or plan.


Reliability – Did they clearly document what they will said they would deliver?   


Credibility – recent customers and suppliers


Details – Did he/she explain what they were going to do and why?


Licensed trades – use of licensed plumbers and electricians; permits if required


Members of a credible organization – “BILD / RenoMark”, CHBA, CFIB, etc …..


Liability Insurance- Proof of insurance should be presented upon request; $2M minimum.


Communications - cell, e-mail, available when needed, local to your area? Respond to requests within 1 business day or less.  Written detailed quotes for all parts of a project before starting; no guessing or assumptions based on a comment or conversation.


Fixed solution price - Detailed quotes and contracts, with a predetermined daily rate for changes or additions.  Agreed and reasonable deposits on signing an agreement.  Weekly progressive payments upon completion of each weeks work.


Warranty - should be two years and written in all signed agreements.