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Our Goal:  


To work with customers and designers who demand the “best” in renovation and remodeling services.   We work with our clients to design, build and finish a project within an existing home or small business.  Deliver high quality results to all customers and gain references or referrals for future business.


Our approach: 


1. provide creative ideas to improve a space based on experience and current trends

2. design a plan to complete a project in logical phases

3. materials and options to fit within a customers budget

4. a realistic estimate of time and costs

5. the right skills to complete each phase

6. submit plans to local township for approval (required for structural)

7. Use Eco friendly or Green products where possible

8. Recycle products and re-use where it makes sense

9. open communication and flexibility to make changes


Resulting in high “Customer Satisfaction”



 Idea  > Plan Options > Estimate > Schedule > Completion





Chaplin Home Improvements Ltd.



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